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Save Money on a Tutor: Telling Time App

The are concepts that CONFUSE students.

Math problems involving time can make a

child’s love of learning come to an abrupt

halt. I noticed that my daughter was

getting certain problems wrong at school.

She resists sitting down in a formal way to

learn math with me. She loves technology.

What kid doesn’t?


Today I’ll show you an app that aids teaching this

concept. So watch th video and take some notes.

I am able to see where my child goes wrong and use a

practice section of the app to quickly fix her mistakes.

The Clock Master App is free at the App Store. The player

has the option to play a clock game or practice moving the

hands of the analog clock. If the player taps the middle box

that reads “Guest”, the player is able to change the settings of the game

to their liking. The player can change the following settings: the level of

difficulty, the clock face, and whether the player wants the game to

focus on the digital clock or moving the hands on the analog clock to

solve their problems. “Practice” button shows how the digital clock

corresponds with the analog clock. So wherever you put the hands on

the clock, the digital clock version displays at the bottom. This is where

a teacher or parent can simply explain how and why the hands move,

etc. My daughter is good at showing 2:00, 3:00, etc. She can also do

half past the hour easily but once the short hand starts to move off of

the hour, it confuses her. The video shows her experiences playing the

game without any instruction and then after we practice. If you had to

pay a tutor to work with your child, it would cost between $25 and $50

an hour. If your child was tutored ONCE a week. That would cost $100-

$200 a month. That is $1200 to $2400 a year. Save that money for



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