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25 Items I Would Buy at the Dollar Store

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Here are 25 items I TRY to only buy at the dollar store. I believe the mark up is too much at regular retail stores for many of these items.
Office Supplies
1. Envelopes
2. Padded Envelopes
3. Sticky Notes
4. Notepads
5. Pocket Calendars
6. Wall Calendars
Special Occasion/Holidays
7. Cards-2 for a 1.00
8. Holiday Decorations -not lights
9. Stockings
10. Balloons
11. Tape
12. Wrapping Paper
13. Party Supplies
(plates, napkins,plastic spoons, forks)
14. Gift Bags
Kid Items
15. Jump Ropes
16. Coloring Books
17. Children’s Books
18. Activity Books- Sudoku, Crosswords, Word Searches
19. Plastic Containers
20. Stickers


21. Flower Pots
22. Rain Capes
23. Lint Brushes
24. Reusable Grocery Bags
25. Classroom Supplies (not pencils)

What do you buy at the dollar store?