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3 Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas From a Teacher

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1. Beach Tote Get an inexpensive canvas tote from Walmart or a craft store. Decorate it with fabric paint. Put the teachers name on it. It adds a nice touch especially for newer teachers. Fill the bag with items for the beach. The Christmas Tree store has nice expensive items that don’t cost a lot. I got a mat, a thermos, a book and a towel. It was a big hit with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher.
2. Make a movie tote. Decorate the tote the same way as the beach tote above. Just change the theme. I put chocolate covered popcorn in celaphane and movie candy in the bag with a DVD you know the teacher will like. You can also spring for movie tickets.
3. Spa Certificate Have the other parents pitch in to get the teacher a spa certificate. Usually a PTO mom or the room mom does this. I like to ask for a 5 dollar donation from each family but they can give more or less. They usually all give at least $5 if you preface it this way.