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3 Secrets for Saving Money on Groceries

1. Try to eat everything you buy.
The real way to save on groceries is to use them all. People throw out so much food.  You might as well throw dollar bills in the garbage if you don’t use it all.

2. Mark expiration dates on the plastic of packages. Using a permanent marker, I mark my meat packages as soon as I get home. I write the date nice and big on the package tag especially if I am planning to use them soon. This way I can keep track of the freshness. I don’t have to wonder if something is still good. Many items have the expiration but it’s so small. I like the date to scream out of the fridge at me in big bold letters.


3. Base your meals around the expiration dates. After writing the expiration date on the groceries. I plan my meals accordingly. If you run a business you would want the most profit possible. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your own money?

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