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3 Steps to Make Your Kid a Better Reader for Free


Besides reading books to your children on a regular basis, introduce environmental print. These are words they see all around them from street signs to cereal boxes. You’d be surprised at how quickly they start identifying words when attached to something in the real world.
Here’s how to introduce it and reinforce it at home: 
1. Save cardboard boxes and containers after using the food inside (cereal boxes, rice boxes, oatmeal, etc.)
2. Introduce the words on the boxes by reading and pointing to the word.
3. Initally play with your child and use the boxes in your dramatic play area. Children can pretend to play restaurant, cook, etc.They can easily be stored with other dramatic play items. Use the words often during play. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you introduce 5 words a week, your child will know 260 more words in a year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another variation on the theme: In addition to using the boxes for dramatic play. You can also cut the front part of the box and keep it on the fridge with a magnet. Have your child read it every morning. Maybe say, “What do you like to eat?” Then they point to the item and say the word. Make it seem natural and fun. Cutting out words from items they eat on a regular basis could also serve as a menu on the fridge. Enjoy these simple ways to sneak in reading time. Read more about environmental print. http://www.sharonmacdonald.com/environmental-print.aspx

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