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3 Ways to $ave Money When You Are Out of Work

I recently got injured. I am out of work for 4-6 weeks. Kicking back on the sofa was relaxing until until I felt like a full blown couch potato. I decided to stop my mind from turning to mush by catching up on things I’ve always wanted to do that happen to save me money.

1. Learn a new skill.
Any time you can learn to do something yourself, it can save you money. I took up sewing. I received an inexpensive machine as a present. My grandmother was a seamstress so I figure this skill has to be hiding in my genes somewhere. I took an inexpensive class  to learn the basics. Youtube even has tutorials for free. I  turned my kids highwaters into capris and shorts. I also made a pillow out of an old sweatshirt. No need to spend money on clothes for spring and summer.


2. Try couponing without scissors.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not an extreme couponer. Shh! The thought of sitting down for hours to clip coupons even makes me cringe a bit. Do you want the savings without the scissors?  
www.couponcodestube.com may be the site for you. Here’s a place to save without compromising quality or sacrificing the name brands you like. If you find you’re having clip withdrawal you can print and clip there too. Enjoy savings on some of the best companies out there. 


3.  Plan a project by comparing prices. Suffering an injury forced me to take my time planning my latest decorating project. I normally go to stores exploring every aisle. I know a good deal when I see one. Right? I was forced to shop online (the spending fairy was twisting my arm);0). I checked out sites  like www.shopzilla.com. It helps you compare prices without having to leave your home. You just type in the desired item and the computers shows you how much it costs at different stores. Another way to plan a purchase is to use your phone. Do you ever find it confusing to compare different prices when the unit of measurement isn’t the same? It’s like comparing apples to oranges or really pounds  to kilograms. Comparing prices doesn’t have to be so time comsuming or give you mental math anquish.  CompareMe is an app that allows you to compare prices per unit and it does the conversions for you. So you can figure out the best deal without it being a big deal. Do you know how to save money while you are not working?





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