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Best Chicken Recipes You’ll Ever Find

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These are the best chicken recipes everyone should know about.

It’s time to be extremely frank.

Many of the meal plans I see on the internet are COMICAL.

Why is that?

The idea is to follow something you can easy replicate at home.

Chances are that most people who look for ready made meal plans are short on time.

If the recipes are too involved, people aren’t going to make them.

So, what’s the problem?

My Best Chicken Recipes and Time Saving Secrets  Revealed

You only want to devote a certain amount of your precious free time to figuring out what to eat this week. And during that time, people want simple recipes that are easy to make. So I did a little extra research for all of you this week. I know, I know, I’m so nice.

If they happen to be recipes that are more economical, than that’s extra savings. A bonus! Nine times out of ten, even if you buy fancy fish or a more expensive cut of meat, if you make it at home it will cost less than a restaurant.

I purposely chose chicken recipes today because most people I have over seem to like it. Some of my friends who are going semi-vegan seem to even be okay with chicken. Since I look up recipes for my family on a regular basis and spend a great deal of time researching, I thought I owe it to my loyal enthusiasts to watch my awesome finds.

One of them was from YouTube. I immediately subscribed to her channel. I like her style, I like the quality of the video and mostly, I think the recipe is easy to follow at home, and she incorporates a cost-effective tip. I think she just might be an enthusiast. ; ) They’re everywhere.

So here is her video. I included my own favorite recipes that I make on a regular basis below because it adds a personal touch and I feel so bad not telling everybody my secrets. Shh! they’re for enthusiasts only.

Here are some of my favorite chicken recipes:

I make this recipe a great deal. It’s  Chicken Piccata by Giada DeLaurentis . It’s very easy to make and it’s impressive. I followed this recipe exactly and one of my friends who was born and raised on a farm in Italy really liked it. She’s very picky too so I was so flattered. Giada made me look like a kitchen rock star. Two points for Team Enthusiast!

Whenever we have plain, left over chicken, we shred it, and just add a little bit of of barbeque sauce to it and slap it between a bun to make a BBQ Chicken sandwich. I originally found this recipe a long time ago from Real Simple magazine. I’m funny about keeping my recipes. I still like them in paper form. I keep them inside of a plastic sleeve.  Some of them aren’t on the internet, so I guard them like a crazy person.

Luckily, I have a hard copy of Paula Deen’s Chicken Salad. I had a hard time finding it on the internet so I found something that was close. She adds corn to her chicken salad and I never had it like that so I enjoyed trying something new. This was the closest I came to finding the exact recipe.

These are websites that I use on a regular basis. I like them but everyone is different so you have to try it.

Here goes:

100 Healthy Chicken Recipes [Cooking Light]

Grilled Chicken Recipes [Food Network]

Need a Chicken Curry Recipe? [Real Simple]

30 Chicken Thigh Recipes [Rachel Ray]

Do you like Lemon Chicken recipes? start here. [Ina Garten]

Rotisserie Chicken Recipes (Heads Up: this one has a video that will start playing) [Family.Go.com]

50 Easy and Delicious Chicken Breast Recipes  [Six Sisters’ Stuff]

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