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Cleaning Games: Tidy Up the Laundry Room in Minutes for 30 Dollars

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Do you get overwhelmed when cleaning or organizing?

Tackling rooms one at a time is a tip from organizational guru, Peter Walsh.

He included it in an article on Oprah.com years back.

I try to make it into a game when I do chores alone or with my family.

I use to play cleaning games with my kids to get them to clean up.

Sometimes I need the same motivation for myself.

I am currently playing a “cleaning game” by being apart of 30 Day House Cleaning Challenge.

No matter what you do in life, improving your cleaning and organizational skills is one of the best ways to be efficient and it indirectly saves you money.

  • If you are readily able to find items in your home, you don’t have to waste money buying them again when you already have them.
  • If you are able to keep things clean and better maintained, they can last longer.
  • If you limit the amount of items you have in your house, you will be purposeful and buy less.

Cleaning Games: Cut Yourself Some Slack

You might think you have to be born with a Type-A personality or just be wired a certain way to be clean and organized, there could be some truth to that but anyone can use this tip if your personality leans towards the “try to be organized out of necessity” type.

At the end of the week, I’m tired. My best laid plans tend to go out of the window. I’m gung-ho in the beginning of the week and tend to lose motivation towards the end of the week (like most people).

Knowing my habits and personality, I find ideas that work for my style. I installed a curtain rod around the opening of my laundry area. I didn’t like the machines showing especially when we aren’t always tidy in this part of the house.

I purchased and put up an inexpensive curtain rod. I spent about 30 dollars for the rod and two panels. I then put some inexpensive curtain panels to block out the area. I know I will get to my laundry but I don’t feel like looking at it. So I turned the baskets inward and closed the curtain. I try my best but when I fall short, I don’t want the mess to show.

If you need to sometimes tidy up your laundry area in a pinch, here’s what I did.

1. Install a curtain rod. I put it above the molding on the inside of the opening. I can’t say a Home Depot training would recommend this but it worked for me.


2. When the area is messy and I don’t have time to clean it, I close the curtain.


3. It’s tidy now.

Here's the after picture for closing the curtain on clutter.
Here’s the after picture for closing the curtain on clutter.


The Bottom Line

It’s your house. Do what works for you. Try your best to be clean and organized even if it means finding a way to be presentable without being perfect.

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