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Got Debt? 3 Secrets to Help You Take Back Control

Do you need to get out of debt? Improve your credit score? No matter the question, whenever I have questions about my money, I seek out the experts. Here are my secrets for getting advice from them:

1. Social Media
Search out places where you could possibly get information straight from the source. Many of the financial experts are active on Twittter and Facebook. Suze Orman has her own hashtag on Twitter called #AskSuze. She uses this to answer questions on her Saturday night show. Sometimes you can just directly tweet her and she will tweet you back. I’m sure she is inundated with questions, but if you are persistent you can get through to her. It has worked for me. Just remember that Twitter is limited to 140 characters. So it’s better to ask something that requires a short or simple answer.

2. Web Chats
I have had many questions answered through web chats. The Today Show often hosts a chat right after their financial segment on Wednesday mornings. You just have to be available to chat around 9 A.M. EST but it’s worth it. Check out their website at Today.com. Click on the “Money” tab.
Scroll towards to the bottom and see when the next one is scheduled.

I asked David Bach about retirement calculators. Since there are so many, I wanted to know which one he would recommend. Here is the response I received from the Money Chat on Today.com:

There are sooooooo many websites and calculators out there. I love this website because they have so many calculators for everything. Go to www.choosetosave.org. Also for a simple calculator on just running daily savings go to www.finishrich.com/lattefactor and use the Latte Factor calculator. Curious which websites you guys and gals like also.

3. Websites and Books
Check out the experts’ websites. Jean Chatzky and David Bach were a part of the Debt Diet on the Oprah Winfrey Show years back. They taught willing participants how to get out of credit card debt on the show. Jean’s website features The New Debt Diet. It’s an online program that walks you through the steps of getting out of debt. It costs $49.95.

If you don’t want to pay to get out of debt, go old school and read their books. The library is free. Pay It Down by Jean Chatzky is a quick read. The book itself also serves as a workbook. She shows you how to find money in your budget to pay off your debt. Once you take action and follow her advice, you can record the savings right in the book. There are so many other useful books for getting out of debt. Pick one and take action.

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