I help passionate online entrepreneurs boost their visibility through podcast guest booking and one-on-one coaching.

If you own a small business focused on financial topics and need a great content marketing writer to build your blog, I’m perfect for you.

Or if you’re a small business owner looking to expand your reach and grow your audience through podcast interviews, I can book you for interviews on your industry’s influential podcasts.

A financial freelance writer since 2011 and educator for many years, I’m a valuable partner in growing your small business. Whether you need a content marketing writer or you want to land that podcast interview, I’ll work to alongside you to accomplish your business goals.



Karen offers practical advice and exercises to help you hone in on what is best for your brand. She’s also a reassuring voice and helpful listening ear, which can be crucial when you are an entrepreneur building a brand alone! Her thoughts and encouragement helped me to brainstorm new avenues for my brand and answer questions I’d been struggling to find the answer to in terms of what I want for my business.”

— Lauren Bowling, Founder of FinancialBestLife.com

Here’s how I can help your small business stand out and grow:

Freelance content marketing writer

For small businesses and website owners in the personal finance space who need a solid financial content marketing writer.

Podcast booking

For small business owners and podcasters who want to grow their business, expand their reach and build more relationships via podcast interviews.


Customized workshops available on personal finance, landing media and PR, or any topic related to those niches.

PR coaching

For small business owners who want to learn how to get PR for their business and capitalize on media mentions.