I help passionate online entrepreneurs boost their visibility through podcast guest booking and one-on-one coaching.

Would you like to learn how to get the right media for your small business without paying a lot to a big PR firm? Or how to whip your spending into shape?

Or maybe you’ve gotten a few media mentions. And now you want to go after bigger media — like the New York Times — so you’re seen as an expert in your industry.

But you don’t know what your next steps are to make this a reality.

A workshop can help you break through to that elusive next level. You’ll reap the benefits of my years in education and leave my workshop knowing exactly how to get amazing publicity for your business.


How to Get Your Business’ First Publicity

Taking your side hustle up a notch and need the power of media to fuel new business, but don’t know where to start? This workshop teaches you how to create an actionable PR strategy, how to pitch, and much more to get the media you want.

Advanced Publicity

Already have a few media mentions under your belt and hungry for more? I’ll show you how to leverage the media you’ve already got, so you can go after the big names like Huffington Post. Plus, you’ll learn advanced tactics on building your portfolio the right way, getting publicity in Facebook groups, interviewing on podcasts, and more.

Additionally, I’m available to conduct customized workshops in the New York City area on the following topics:

  • Personal finance: how to spend in a smart way with shopping and money-saving tips and create a budget you can actually follow
  • Tips on getting media and PR as a small business owner
  • Other related topics

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