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How to Clean Mirrors in Minutes for Pennies

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I have a simple technique for cleaning your mirrors in minutes for pennies. Photo via Flickr

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The benefits of cleaning are clear:

  • Your house is a pleasant place to be
  • You’re able to find items when you need them
  • You can actually have company over without having to scramble
  • It can also save you money

I’ve been a part of a cleaning challenge that has really whipped my house into share rather quickly.

I’ve been jotting down notes in my cleaning journal that I named “Owl Get it Done ™”. ” If anything is broken or in need of repair, I write it in my journal. I also write down the people I need to call if there’s something that requires outside help. It’s a good way to keep track of people and their contact info. that you probably only use once a year (especially if you forget to put their number on your phone.

I also write down what I need to buy. After cleaning my bathroom for this recent challenge, I realized I need to buy caulk for my tub. I rather nip a problem in the bud. It’s best to deal with issues while they’re small and still manageable. The few dollars I shell out for caulk and the time I devote now will save me in the long run. It also prevents a potential financial headache down the road if water were to leak behind the walls, that could be very costly to fix.

I cleaned the bathroom today. I used an eco-friendly solution of water and vinegar. I also repurposed my newspaper (freebie) to clean and dry the mirror. Who knew the best solution was green and so cheap?


I purchased white vinegar for 99 cents. I mixed a small amount with water to clean my mirrors. I cleaned my mirrors for pennies.


Soak part of the newspaper in the water/vinegar solution and dry with newspaper as well. I was really surprised how well it worked. I now call it my Streak Free Cleaning Technique.


Clean your mirrors in minutes for pennies.
Here’s my clean bathroom. Don’t be jealous.;)


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