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How to Save Money on Food and Meal Plan for a Month in Minutes

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save-money-on-foodAThere’s all this hype about saving money on food with coupons.

According to a recent report from the National Resources Defense Council, America is losing up to 40% of it’s food from farm to fork to landfill.

So all that savings you supposedly scored with couponing goes right down the drain and that food you didn’t eat goes right in the trash.

So, how can you save money on food and actually eat the food that you buy?

Meal planning is the way to go for the best savings.

If you plot out what you are going to eat on a calendar, you are more likely to consume it. You can also use my receipt reference technique to keep track of what you eat and spend.

Also, discover these tips to keep cash in your pocket and food on the table.

Save Money on Food: Five Tips to Skyrocket Your Savings and Quickly Make Mouthwatering Meals

1. If you have a DVR, record the Chew to get ideas for money-saving meals. The co-hosts share inexpensive recipes to make every Friday. If you aren’t able to record the show, you can watch a full episode online on their website.¬† Here is Extra Value Friday’s Budget Breakfasts (Episode 10). They also post videos of certain segments so you don’t necessarily have to watch the whole show to get some useful money-saving tips.

2. Rachel Ray has a section of her website devoted to inexpensive eats and things to make for under ten dollars. You can even have the latest budget meals sent to your inbox.

3. If tasty quesadillas, grilled pork with orange marmelade glaze, and a hearty potato frittata sound good to you and your belly, put a delicious meal on the table for less with¬† 20 healthy dinner ideas for under 3 dollars from Better Home and Garden’s website.

4. Check out blogs and books that cover meal planning and healthy recipes. Laura Fuentes shows sample menus of healthy meals on her website Momables. Her blog is all about showing busy parents how to make healthy school lunches in 10 mins. or less. I’m making those lunches for myself too. If you are looking to plot out your meals and lose weight, consider getting the Paleo Recipe Book.

5. Be sure to save the recipes your family likes on a Pinterest board. It will be easily accessible and you don’t have to bookmark any websites. C’mon over and follow my boards. I have one for inexpensive recipes, meal planning, dollar saving desserts, and more.

If you use the recipes and ideas provided, you should be able to fill your calendar up for a month of meals.

Now, I’m asking you. Do you have a special way to meal plan or save money on food?

Let me know in the comments below.

Check out my Meal Plan Mini-Course here (or head back if you started there).

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