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Laugh More This Year with a 5 Minute Money Saving Project


Vow to laugh more this year. Whether it’s watching your favorite comedian on TV or hanging around with your funniest college friend more often, choose to have more humor in your world. Here’s a project that can serve as a reminder to be a self-proclaimed ambassador of laughter.
Pre-cut Wooden Word Decoration ~ $1.00 (I chose “laugh”.)
Drill String ~ $1.00
Basket ~ Varies $3.99 and Up I reused a basket I already had so this only cost me 2 dollars.
1. Take your wooden decoration and drill 2 holes towards the top of the word.

2. Cut two pieces of string. Make sure they are the same size.
3. Put string through the holes. I happened to use a large needle. You can even wrap the end with a small piece of tape if it’s difficult to feed through the hole.

4. Attach the wooden word to the basket by tying the string through open parts of a woven basket. You may want to get string that matches the wood or the color of the basket. The tighter you tie it, the less it shows.

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