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Money in Your Thirties: How the New Rich, Katy Perry and Food Network Changed Me

Here are money saving ideas that worked for me in my thirties. Three activities that initally seemed like chores blossomed into rewarding hobbies. Read how a book about the New Rich, Exercise with Katy Perry and cooking programs helped me to save money.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Books and the New Rich.
Whenever I wanted or needed information, I would turn to friends, family or the internet. The constant need for immediate answers made me overlook the obvious, most old-fashioned source of information called a book. I’m admitting that the thought of reading 300 pages on a topic seemed daunting. It was too much work to wait for answers I wasn’t sure I would get.

After buckling down and reading many popular books about finance, personal growth and marketing. I now book my friends and family around my reading time. If you use the library, the hobby is free. I like having deadline imposed on me. It forces me to finish in a certain time period. Also, reading can be done anywhere at any time. If your friends are really missing you, maybe you can join a book club together.

The added perk to reading is it’s not just a pleasurable hobby, it’s free advice. I found Tim Ferriss’ advice in the The Four Hour Work Week priceless. This book was a game changer for me. It altered my mindset and ideas about lifestyle design and retirement. He also discusses the philosophies of the “New Rich” through out. If your old friends don’t like your new hobby, get new ones. I’m sure the New Rich will embrace you.
Potential Savings: $120-$240 a year

Many books puchased by Kindle or Nook cost about $10 per book. If you purchased one book every month, it would cost you $120 a year. If you bought a regular book from a brick and mortar store, it could cost more than that. If you bought a book for $20 once a month, it would cost you $240 a year.

Katy Perry is my new BFF.
Having young children made it difficult for me to keep up with the gym. I found that I didn’t go often enough to make the membership worth it. It felt like work and I dreaded it. I now workout for free in the privacy of my own home. I don’t have to waste any time or effort getting ready for the gym. I do a mix of workouts On Demand, use inexpensive DVDs from the library or do Just Dance on the Wii. Working out with Katy Perry (on the Wii game) saves me money and keeps me in shape.
Potential Savings: $120-$600 a year

Gym membership prices vary greatly. Depending on the gym and latest promotion, joining a gym can cost anywhere from $10-$50 a month. This may or may not include a sign up fee. Costing you between $120 and $600 a year.

Will Not Work Just For Food
When both my husband and I worked full time, we never realized how much money we spent on food. Whether it was the grocery store or a quick bite to eat, we were spending more than we had to on food. We were both exhausted when we came home from work. We purchased overpriced meals from supermarket delis and often grabbed fast food or other prepared dishes on the way home. After examining our budget, we spent at least $800 a month on food. How outrageous! It’s not like we were having exquisite dinners at fancy restaurants. Come to find out, according to theCenter ofNutrition Policy and Promotion, the average cost for a moderate meal plan for a family of four in theU.S. is $871.10. Our spending was actually in alignment with the average American family’s budget. I thought it was too much.

I didn’t love my job enough to just work for food. I now work part time and cook. Once I decided that it could be a part of our regular routine just like brushing your teeth, we cut our food budget almost in half. I have embraced Food Network and cooking segments on the Today Show. I spend many hours watching The Barefoot Contessa, Guy Fieri and Giada De Laurentis. They are my TV friends that help my with my budget. Embrace low cost hobbies to transform bad spending habits. It worked for me.

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