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Motivation Time Tuesday ~ Goals: 3 Tips When You're Making Little Progress

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motivational-and-inspirational-quotes-gossipYou’re working hard, spending countless hours towards your goals.

And for some reason, you feel like you’re not making as much headway as you should.

Maybe you vowed to workout more often, eat better, or just make progress with a money goal.

So what can you do when all of your efforts feel like you’re moving in slow motion?

Don’t miss my 3 tips that help me breakthrough a rut.


There’s a much better way to approach your goals.

I’ll be honest with you. . .

. . .it’s not always easy.

Sometimes you may have to take a detour to get closer to attaining what you set out to do.

But first. . .

Confession Alert! Why Some Goals Aren’t Worth Achieving

I have to admit. I have been one to ditch my goals. Sometimes I would get caught up in the moment and just sign on for whatever new fitness trend that was the new rage. I didn’t think about whether or not I really wanted to do it.

I used to join gyms in the hopes of loving the new fitness routines or exercise equipment. The truth is I really don’t like gyms at all but I would force myself to go because I thought that was the only way I would stick to regular exercise. It went badly.

I always hated it. Not only do I not like people looking at me, I don’t want to clean a sweaty bench. That’s gross. The time it would take to pack my stuff, get there, put items in a locker, clean off equipment, dodge people that I didn’t want to talk to, and then go home to take a shower, it all seemed so time-consuming and draining. Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer but I had to break up with the gym.

Now for the tips. . .

1.Change your focus.

As much as I was accomplishing many of my New Year’s resolutions (pretty names for goals), they weren’t exactly things I wanted to do. I eat better and workout because it’s good for my health. I can’t say I always love it and want to do it. So I decided to pick an easy, fun goal to focus on.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I’m on fire now with the fashion advice I’ve been reading. I’m also excited to have a new focus. So when I have a day when I’m phoning in my workout or forcing myself to eat spinach, I don’t feel as bad about it because I still have something to look forward to doing. So I now use my fun goal as a reward when I’m finished with my goals that I’m not so excited about.

2. Schedule a down time date.

If you don’t have a deadline looming over you or a pesky boss creeping over your shoulder, completely disengage from your goal for awhile. Sometimes us humans just need a break. We have to rejuvenate. Schedule some time to do nothing. Yes, nada! Lay on the couch, stare at the ceiling, flip through a catalog, meditate, or just sit and have a cup of coffee. Obviously if you’re at work that wouldn’t be the best time but at some point during the day, schedule in some do nothing time. Put that on your calendar too so you don’t forget.

3. Reevaluate the goal.

Some people just completely dump something if it isn’t working out. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Decide if you need to scale back a bit, give yourself more time, or enlist help. As much as we hate to admit it, what we struggle with could be easy for someone else. If you can outsource something that is just too plain hard, do so. You can still accomplish your goal but hand the task over to someone else if it’s holding you back.

The Bottom LineĀ 

Unless your goal is for a job, you are ultimately in charge of the direction you want to take. Instead of drudging forward, sometimes taking a step back is all that you need to do. Doing this can even catapult you to finish what you originally set out to do.

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