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Ninja Secret for Being a Green Receipt Samurai

On a recent trip to Urban Outfitters, I was asked if I wanted my receipt emailed in an effort to go green. I said “no” because I wasn’t sure if they were disguising this seemingly eco-friendly effort as tricky way to get my email. My email has become so saturated with store offers (spam, in my book) that I almost cringed when she asked me. I probably wouldn’t even be able to find the receipt amidst the sea of clearance sales, buy now bargains and other online offers that have taken over my inbox. I am an avid recycler. I return all of my plastic bottles. I bring my own bags when I go shopping. I recycle plastic bags. I bring them back to the store. I stopped buying cards, I reuse envelopes of junk mail because it bothers me to throw it out. You get the picture. I noticed that many companies our now offering to email you your receipt. An article online from the Huffington Post states, “In 2008 Best Buy and Target began testing to provide customers with emailed receipts. The company boasts their service as “green” for helping to save the trees felled for about 600,00 tons of thermal receipt paper used by stores each year. And it takes 15 trees, 19,000 gallons of water and 390 gallons of oil to make one ton of paper, the company told CNET.” I felt a little guilty about my decision after reading this. I am probably a fossil for holding on to my receipts. I am just a tactile person. If something is out of sight, it’s out of mind for me. I have some of my bills sent to me through email and if I don’t remind myself to check, it can cause me to pay a bill late, incur a fee and potentially mess up my credit. So here’s how I’m temporarily meeting in the middle. I am taking paper from my house to the store. I already recycle my children’s school papers on a regular basis. Whenever I purchase something online, I write it down on a piece of recycled paper and stash it with my other receipts. It’s been my little secret for years. From now on I vow to carry scraps of paper in my purse to use this same habit when I am out.  So now I can have a physical copy for myself that can be recycled. Next I’m going to make an email address just for receipts and willingly give out my green receipt email. So if I every need the receipt, it will have a digital storage place. Once I’m finished recording my physical receipt, I will recycle it. This helps save the trees and the environment as well as satisfy my need for a hard copy. From this day forward, I will be a green receipt samurai.

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