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Picture Frames: A New Look for Less

Are you tired of having to buy all new decor and spend a bazillion dollars just to redecorate a room?   I almost want to kick myself when I buy trendy picture frames. I love themes when it comes to birthday parties but if you get too carried away when it comes to decorating, your wallet will feel it again and again. So unless you plan on commiting to the same look for years to come. Here is a simple way to get a new look for less.
Here are 3 frames that never go out of style:
1. Acrylic Box Frames
I have had most of my frames since college. Whether they stand up on my desk for a casual display or hang on my wall for visual interest, I have reused these frames over and over again. it’s so easy to pull the back off and insert the new photo that you want to display. It always looks hip in my book. Here are price comparisons from shopzilla.com http://bit.ly/pf454s


2. Silver Frames
Any simple silver frames does not go out of style. People get into trouble when there are etchings or trendy prints on them  that box you into a style or time period ends up being dated.
3. Black Frames
Did you know black is the new black?.;0) We all know black is classic and doesn’t go out of style. It’s true. I constantly reuse my black frames over and over. They have saved me money and trips to the store.   Here is a frame with two matte borders. One is plain white with room for a black one that gives a little extra definition to the picture it is framing. Using different mattes can be a great way to give a new splash of color or change the mood without changing the frame. The decor version of a remix.     Related Article: http://www.timelessframes.com/help/faq#frames

Black is the new black.

There are two mattes on the frame for added definition.

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