I help passionate online entrepreneurs boost their visibility through podcast guest booking and one-on-one coaching.

Does your small business need more mentions in the media? Do you wish logos of top media outlets — like DailyWorth, Huffington Post or MSN — adorned your website to show your credibility?

A mention in The Huffington Post means the difference between a $100 and a $2000 month. Suddenly, in the minds of your potential clients, you’re associated with a well-respected, huge company, boosting your credibility and expertise.

In growing my freelance writing career, Credit Sesame, For Her, and Go Banking Rates have mentioned me in articles. When I reply to reporters and journalists through HARO (Help a Reporter Out), my emails have a 70% reply rate.

And I can help you do the same.


"Karen is an absolute sweetheart and a pleasure to know. I appreciated all of her help. Because of her, I was able to appear on Dr. Oz."

— Brandhyze Stanley, Frugal-nomics, Cast of Blue Bloods

You’ll get exclusive one-on-one time with me to develop your business’ PR strategy designed to get more media exposure for your business. You’ll leave every session with clear steps on how to reach your goals thanks to my years in education. And — since I know you’re a small business owner and you don’t have a multi-million dollar company– we’ll focus on landing more media and PR with a variety of packages tailored to your budget.

If we’ve worked together on podcast booking, and you’d like to take your PR to the next level, my coaching will help you do that.