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Productivity: Improve it by Cleaning Out Your Email Accounts

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email-accountsAccording to a recent article in the New York Times, more and more people are finding it hard to juggle life’s demands and maintain a sustainable pace.

People aren’t getting enough sleep to keep up with all that they have to do.

We are more productive when we get enough sleep. (Science catching up with common sense.)

So once you take a nap or go to bed early, you can go back to keeping up with everything.


I was guilty of this.

I’m now learning the error of my ways and at times they were very costly.

I have no one to BLAME but myself.

So I came up with a little system to fix the my jam packed email.

If you have this issue, it’s all about to change today.

Check out this video to ditch email clutter for good.

Get These Tips to Clean Out Your Email Accounts and Get Your Act Together

Here are some tips you should check out to keep up with your email accounts. I’m sure your inbox is overflowing with a combination of messages that are extremely important lost in there with messages you should probably no longer receive because they are useless.

Don’t miss out on potential opportunities, paying bills on time, and other important information that is probably losing you money by being neglected in your email. Watch the video below.



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3 responses to “Productivity: Improve it by Cleaning Out Your Email Accounts

  1. Sometimes I wish e-mail had evolved much differently. It seems that I am forever spending time figuring how to categorize e-mails. Some need an instant reply, some need filing, some need more research, some can be ignored.

    It seems that the author often knew this classification and it is sooooo inefficient that everyone else needs to spend time figuring that out! I guess many times I just wish that e-mail was more than just to/from/subject/text. It would make things a lot easier for all of us!

  2. I agree. I feel bad when ppl answer their phones and attend to an email that isn’t a priority. I started unsubscribing to newsletters and just checking it email twice a day. I try to get rid of as many as I can while checking it. It can be a big time waster filled with other people’s agenda.

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