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Repurpose a Decorative Box: Customize for Less

I only paid 9.99 for this box when I first purchased it about 7 years ago. It fit the color scheme and theme of my daughter’s room at the time. I have a hard time getting rid of things especially when they are in good condition. I also find it hard to find the perfect size, style, shape, etc. when I have to replace an item. Also, I like putting the room together but I can’t stand looking for what I want. I don’t like going to the store unless I know I’m going to leave with a great find and get the project done. I always admire people who pick out everything and get it all up in one weekend. I have never had that kind of luck.

So I decided to reuse and recover the box with the new colors and style that she wanted. She picked out remnants from our local fabric store. I paid 3.00 for the fabric. I already had fabric glue but it’s only a few dollars. This has given me a boost in the DIY courage department. I’ve become a little obssessed with making things myself lately. This project also qualifies as a green way to decorate and when you think about it, it’s CUSTOM for LESS. No one else is going to have this box. Major happy points there.

Are you a DIYer? Tell us about a time when you saved on a project.

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