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Repurpose a Paint Stick to Organize Quick in 3 Easy Steps

Need a cool way to organize your child’s artwork or school papers?

Try repurposing paint sticks!

It’s a neat way to show your children how to repurpose.


Paint Sticks (used for stirring paint) ~ FREE
reused from past paint projects
Clothespins ~ a dollar at the Dollar Store
All Purpose Glue, tacky glue or glue gun
Adhesive stickers ~ a dollar or two
1. Spray paint clothespins and paint sticks.
Once dry, glue on clothespins.

Make sure they are evenly spaced.

2. Use adhesive stickers to embellish the clothespins. Simply peel and stick. Press firmly to make sure they stay on.







3. Attach to the wall and start displaying your favorite pictures and artwork.

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