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Repurpose Embellishment to Make a Hairclip for a Dollar or Two ~DIY

Fabric Flower or Other Repurposed Embellishment ~ FREE
Hair Clip ~ $1.00 at Dollar Store
Tacky Glue or Glue Gun Ribbon ~$1.00 at Dollar Store or on sale at regular craft stores
Before donating this shirt that I no longer wear, I took the cute little flower off of it at the top. I turned the shirt inside out and snipped it off.  The thread was visible and not stitched tightly. A seam ripper wasn’t necessary.
I thought the shirt still looked nice without the flower.

Once you have all of your materials, take  the ribbon and put glue on one side. Adhere to  the bottom part or the clip. Follow the shape of the clip. Then wrap it around the outer and inner part of the top side of the clip.

Once it dries, glue flower on top.


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