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SAVE MONEY: Show Someone How Much You 'Like' Them in Minutes


You’ve already purchased a gift or two for Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you bought some chocolates or flowers, but you still need a little something extra.

You want something a little different and clever.

Here’s  how to show someone how much you ‘like’ them with this simple, money-saving gift.

Use these clips that resemble the thumbs up sign on Facebook.

Plastic Bag
Thumbs Up Paper Clips

1. Take the plastic bag and put the clips inside.
I found these clips at Staples.

2. Tie a ribbon at the top. I tied it in a simple bow. Easy button!

3. Write the message “I like you!” on a label using a marker. I had a stash of CD  label stickers (from way back). I used the inner circle that was left behind from the donut-shaped CD sticker. I’m sure there are similar ones at an office supply shop or dollar store.

4. Give it to your special someone and improve your own likeablility.


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