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SAVE MONEY: Update a Shelf for Less

My daughter’s walls are grey. I put a white shelf above her bed with her favorite stuffed animals. It looked a little lost. It was just floating out there on the wall. I knew I needed to add something else but what?

Materials: Shelf, Clothespins, Spray Paint, Glue Gun

One of the accent colors in her room is lavender. I decided to spray paint some clothespins that color and glue them right on the shelf. I predetermined where I wanted to put them and marked each spot with a pencil.

Then I put glue from a glue gun on the back part of the clothespin and stuck it to the shelf. Make sure to place it on straight because the glue dries fast. If you don’t like where you put it, you will have to rip it off and risk ruining the paint or taking a chunk of wood from the shelf with you.

After gluing on the five clothespins, now there is more room to informally display her art projects. It also adds extra color and interest to the room. It makes the display meaningful and personal as well.


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