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Soup, Stew, and Chili Recipes You'll Be Dying to Make

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soup-stew-chili-recipes-hereYou’re already making some great meals at home, but you’d like to make more.

You may think it’s hard to even have time to look for new recipes, but don’t get too discouraged. . .

Trying to do too much may be the CULPRIT.

There are popular recipes waiting here for you. If you ignore them, you can miss out on making something tasty.

How to Turn Your Inbox Into A Recipe Box in Minutes

I’m a little addicted to finding delicious recipes online. However, most people don’t have time to do this on a regular basis. They lose out on discovering tasty finds because it seems impossible to keep up with. Everything sounds good in theory, right?

There’s a simple fix for this issue. I’m going to be featuring awesome recipes that I come across every Monday on this website. Why not share the meal plan wealth, right? It’s my way of saying thanks for being a loyal enthusiast!

More specifically, here are the exact recipes:


1. Smokey Beef and Bacon Chili [Sunset]

2. Classic Beef Stew [REAL SIMPLE]

3. Lemon Chicken Stew [Indulgy]

4. Creamy Gnocci and Chicken Soup [Domestically Blissful]


5. Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup [From My Lemony Kitchen]

6. Crockpot Paleo Chicken Soup [Paleo Recipe Share]

7. 25 Comforting Chicken Soup Recipes [Cooking Light]

8. South Western Vegetable and Chicken Soup [EatingWell]

9. Buffalo Chicken Soup with Orzo  [RunningtotheKitchen]

Two things:

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