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Spring Cleaning Costs Pennies: How to Clean Switch Plates

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It’s a little task that makes your how look a lot cleaner. Here’s how to do it for pennies.

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I think of spring cleaning as a fresh start. Even if you are just wiping down the switch plates in your home, it can make a big difference in the way your home looks.

I double checked how to clean switch plates. Obviously you don’t want to spray anything directly on them for safety reasons. I used a cloth and put a little bit of my eco-friendly cleaning solution directly on the cloth  to get the job done.

You’d be surprised how dirty they get. I noticed the switch plates in my kitchen had little drips on them from preparing food or using the blender. Cleaning it off  seems small  but it looks much better.

Here’s how your how can look cleaner, faster. If you ignore it, your missing out on having your how sparkle for pennies.

Here’s How to Clean Switch Plates for Pennies

Step 1- Take a look at the switch plate. Determine if you can just wipe it while it’s on the wall or if it needs to be taken off . I was able to leave mine on.

Step 2-  Dab or spray a cloth with all purpose cleaner or use my eco-friendly cleaning solution that cost pennies.

Step 3- Wipe down switch plates.


It’s hard to see up close but there were many splotches on this switch plate.


The Bottom Line

There are simple ways to make your house look cleaner, faster. Wiping down your switch plates is one way to do that. Try to routinely cleanly, a little bit every day goes a long way.

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