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Cleaning Games: Declutter in Minutes with this Trick

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I found one of my favorite books while cleaning. It's autographed by the editor-in-chief of Real Simple Magazine.
I found one of my favorite books while cleaning. It’s autographed by the editor-in-chief of Real Simple Magazine.

Is cleaning a chore?

Did you know your decorating decisions can directly affect how much you spend cleaning?

That’s why I choose items that require less maintenance because I’m always waiting for the cleaning fairy to take over my duties but she never comes.

I realized this when I did my bathroom floor over. It only took 360 minutes and 30 dollars to make my life easier.

It’s easy to take care of now. I tried to apply the same idea in my bedroom.

As much as this black shelving unit  gets dusty, it’s an easy surface to clean.

Clean Up the Bedroom and Declutter in Minutes

1. I set a timer and make it a little clean up game for myself. I decluttered the shelf, dusted, and made the bed in 15 minutes.

I have to declutter my clutter books. How pathethic. LOL

2. Part of this “game” is to dump any clutter that I can’t fit into the time frame into a bag to sort later. I get to it while I am waiting for my kids to get off the bus. It’s hard to get to every little thing and find the perfect place for it in a short time frame.

Not too shabby. I actually like my bedroom again.


3. Two paper towels, a little effort and 15 minutes later my mission is complete. My bedroom cleans up nice!

I call this “game” Throw-it-in-the-bag! Notice how the bag has the word “celebrate” on the outside.


The Bottom Line

Cleaning can be easy especially if you buy items that are easy to clean. Also, come up with strategies that make your life easier. I set a timer and I put my clutter in a bag that get to later that day.

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