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How to Handle Unexpected Expenses to Work on Bucket List Goals

If we could push the easy button and just take off to complete any bucket list item whenever we felt like it, everyone would have their dream lists completed and I would just shut down this here blog right now!  Sometimes bucket list items don’t get checked off because midway through we decide that something

Why You Should Journal After Completing Your Dream List Ideas

Journal writing has gained popularity. The good news is anyone can journal. It’s easy and inexpensive, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. People have been journaling for years. Though some people journal for therapeutic reasons, today, it is commonly used for capturing memories or anything you want to remember in written

Get Creative Bucket List Ideas Inspired by Rami Malek

An Oscar Win can quickly skyrocket an actor to superstar status. They can quickly garner more film roles, get a flood of media attention and an avalanche of tweets singing their praises. Rami Malek’s win for Bohemian Rhapsody on February 24th has done just that for the actor. I loved that movie and Rami Malek