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5 Fun Things to Do Inside Your House Before Boredom Strikes

Fun things to do inside your house are in demand. It got me thinking, “What are fun things to do inside?” I did some brainstorming and research on how to have fun at home. It’s best to get ahead of things before it rains, gets colder or you have to hunker down for any reason.

10 Awesome Hobbies for Women to Try at Home Today

Hobbies for women at home are in demand. If you’re spending more time around the house for any reason, take advantage of it by discovering some new hobbies to try. If you’re wondering,“What hobbies can you do at home?” There’s a vast array of hobbies to pick up without having to leave your home. No

5 Good Habit Examples to Improve Everyday Life

When you first think of habit examples, your mind may default to thinking of bad ones such as biting your nails, overeating or running up your credit card, but we know that good habits exist too. Whether we realize it or not, we make daily decisions about our personal habits. These very decisions can have

New Haven Food & Attractions: Things to Do in New Haven, CT

New Haven food is where it’s at. If your stomach isn’t growling yet, wait until you read about some of the best food in New Haven, CT. Though my website highlights how to make a list of dreams for the future and everyday bucket list things to do now, I also like to offer my

5 Coffee Basket Gift Ideas That People Actually Want

Coffee basket gift ideas are a big hit. Unlike giving other presents such as trendy clothes or the latest gadget, gifting coffee will never go out of style. However, picking out what to put in a coffee gift basket can be both fun and frustrating. There are so many options out there, it can be

Budgeting Tips to Achieve Goals & Have More Fun

The title “Budgeting Tips to Achieve Goals & Have More Fun” sounds like a tall order. If you’ve never made a budget or the habit just got away from you, it’s okay to start now.  These budgeting tips can help you meet your financial goals, stress less and have more fun with the money you

123 Things to Do in CT This Weekend for Couples

If you’re new in town, just visiting or fortunate enough to live here and you’re hoping to find things to do in CT this weekend for couples, there are so many great places to choose from in Southern, CT! No need to overly research “romantic activities for couples near me,” or “CT date ideas,” this

Hobbies to Pick Up & How to Choose One

Hobbies to pick up in your spare time is super important. Deciding to pick up a hobby is simple. Knowing which one to choose is the hard part. Your friends may swear by their cool hobbies and try to convince you to do what they are doing. I’m sure they mean well, but their ideas

CT Travel: A Bucket List of Places to Visit in Connecticut

CT Travel is one of a kind. You can surely come up with a bucket list of places to visit in Connecticut. Couples, families and everyone in between can enjoy these special spots and must-see locations. Here are some ideas to get you started. Unique Things to Do in Connecticut: A Bucket List of Places