This is Day 1 of the Five Day Bucket List Challenge. If this is the first page you landed on, you might want to start here.

Day 1Get started now. Sometimes starting is half the battle. Taking small steps can help you get started. Research out of Stanford shows that taking small steps initially can help you work towards completing a larger goal in the early stages. Though you want to reconnect to the main goal in the later stages to ultimately achieve it.

In order for you to get started on your bucket list goals, I have some simple steps that you can take.

I created a kit so you can:

  • Learn a little more about me (Who is Karen Cordaway, anyway?)
  • Get your hands on my tips for better bucket listing so you can accelerate your success
  • Get a free worksheet so you can brainstorm and spell everything out
  • Get resources to help you on your bucket listing journey
  • A notes worksheet that corresponds to the challenge so you can jot down important points and get the most out of the challenge

Telling other about your goals can propel you to complete them. You can even get them to join along with you for added support. It takes time to write blog posts and create a challenge, please share this on Twitter or another platform in exchange for this free information.

I’m starting the 5 Day Bucket List Challenge! Day 1 #BucketListChallenge

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Before you forget, grab the free Bucket List Jump-start Pack and get started.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below. I’m here for ya. Also, be sure to come back to do Day 2 (See link at the bottom!)

Otherwise, I’m trusting that you’ll do a great job. Consider bookmarking the post so you can find the day you need.

All the Best,

Author of The Everyday Bucket List Book

P.S. When you finish, you can start Day 2 here.