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Bucket List Items To Accomplish During the Spring

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Spring is here! Now that we’re in the second quarter of the year, it’s not only time to think about how your professional and financial goals are shaping up. You should also consider how your personal goals are going as well.

What’s on your bucket list for this year? You don’t have to wait for summer to indulge and explore the items on your list.

Here are 8 easy bucket list items to check off during the spring.

1. Plant a Perennial Garden

I know many people who want to garden, but just never find the time to commit to it. If starting a garden has always been on your bucket list, now is the perfect time act.

You don’t have to go to the extreme and plant tomatoes, berries, and green peppers. You can start with just a few flowers to add some curb appeal to your property.

I love perennials, and planning a perennial garden is very easy and affordable.

2. Go For a Scenic Hike

If there any national parks of scenic trails near you, why not go for a relaxing hike or bike ride? Chonce Maddox of MyDebtEphiphany.com explains, “I’m obsessed with going on hilly hikes that open up to beautiful bodies of water.”

Ponds, lakes, and natural waterfalls are all beautiful to witness and even picnic by.

3. Run or Walk a 5K

You may be seeing tons of flyers for 5ks in the area around this time. Joining one can be a fun way to give back to a cause you care about and challenge yourself to get some good exercise in.

There’s a free app called C25K that will help you train to run a 5k in 8 weeks or less with interval training.

4. Take a Spontaneous Day Trip

Can’t afford a road trip or don’t want to deal with all the rigorous planning? No problem! This spring, consider doing on a spontaneous day trip. Set a budget, grab a few friends, then choose a destination or landmark that you want to end up at.

Enjoy some sightseeing and new experiences, then drive back home at the end of the day.

5. Visit a Dessert Shop

Though you can do this at any time of the year, see what’s offered seasonally.

I love to visit dessert shops especially those owned by popular TV food stars. I recently visited Carlo’s Bakery. It’s about an hour away at an area casino. It’s owned by TLC’s Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro. It was on my bucket list for awhile and I finally got to check it off my list.

I also like to make a list of  dessert shops near me that I haven’t visited. Four Flours is near Yale. It offers vegan and gluten-free baked goods.

No matter where you go, see what seasonal options they offer in the spring.


5. Take a Class with Cake Boss

It’s one thing to try a cupcake or an eclair from a dessert shop, but if you like to bake or decorate, consider taking a class. If you happen to live in New Jersey or plan on visiting the area, Carlo’s Bakery offers cake decorating classes for all ages.

Though they can’t guarantee that Buddy Valastro or his family members will attend the class, the people in charge are trained by him.

Get a group of people together to celebrate a birthday, have a family reunion or make it a girls night out.

6. Work on a Farm

Farm life can be hard work. If it’s always been your dream to live on a farm, consider calling some local farms in your area to see if you can volunteer for a day.

I’m sure the owner would be happy to have some help with chores and tasks around the property for the day. Plus, it will be a great experience to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.

6. Try Kite Flying 

This is a great bucket list item to experience with kids, though all ages can participate. You can either make a few kites with materials found at home or buy some for cheap. If you’ve never done it before, research how to fly a kite on YouTube. Then, choose a windy spring day to test the kites out and determine which ones are constructed best to fly longer.

If you rather just watch, see if there is a kite flying festival close to where you live. There’s one in my state that works with a local cultural center. It’s showcasing a kite called the patang. It’s a popular Indian fighter kite. They’re offering a demonstration and instruction at the event.


7. Make a Flower Arrangement

Nothing warms up your home like fresh spring flowers. Instead of buying a bouquet from the store, find out how to make your own using different types of flowers, leaves, and grasses.

If you get good at it, you can even create some arrangements to give to family and friends.

Explore and Improve Your Life This Spring

If you already have your bucket list developed, start determining how you will check items off this spring. Be sure to add a healthy mix of easy and affordable bucket list items to the big milestones on your list.