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Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration From My First Guest

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Are you looking to add some excitement and adventure to your life? In this post, we will explore what a bucket list is. You’ll also learn the most common bucket list ideas, and what essentials should be included in a bucket list. We’ll even share some unique ideas from our first guest on the Everyday Bucket List Podcast. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for simple ideas or more adventurous ones for adults, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and start planning your ultimate bucket list!

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a mix of experiences, goals, and dreams that a person hopes to accomplish within their lifetime. It serves as a roadmap for personal growth, adventure, and fulfillment.

Originating from the term “kick the bucket,” which refers to death, a bucket list covers all the things one wishes to do before they die. The concept gained widespread popularity with the release of the movie “The Bucket List,” starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The film beautifully portrayed two terminally ill men. They embark on a journey to fulfill their ultimate wishes before they pass away.

When it comes to creating a list, the possibilities are endless. From traveling to exotic destinations and trying adrenaline-pumping activities to learning new skills or making meaningful connections, unique ideas can vary greatly from person to person.

For travel enthusiasts, a list may include visiting iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or hiking Machu Picchu in Peru. Others may aspire to witness natural wonders such as the Northern Lights or swim with dolphins in crystal-clear waters.

Ultimately, a bucket list is a reflection of one’s passions, desires, and aspirations. It serves as a reminder to live life to the fullest and seize every opportunity for growth and adventure. So why not start jotting down your own unique bucket list ideas today?

What should be included in a bucket list?

What you enjoy and value is what should be included on your bucket list. If that’s too vague, creating a bucket list can be overwhelming and confusing. Many people struggle with deciding what experiences or goals should make it to their ultimate list.

Without a clear direction, your list might end up being a jumbled mess of unattainable dreams or uninspiring goals that don’t truly excite you.

Let the future episodes guide you! Your list can include thrilling adventures, meaningful achievements, and soul-enriching experiences that resonate with your deepest desires. They can be simple ideas too. From skydiving over the Grand Canyon to learning a new language. Start living your best life today!

What is the most common bucket list idea?

According to a Forbes article, when it comes to bucket list travel, seeing the Northern Lights tops the list. Taking an American road trip and going on an African Safari are the most common bucket list ideas too.

If you’re living the same routine day in and day out, look over different ideas to see if they spark any inspiration.

Life is passing by, and your dreams remain untouched, buried under the weight of daily responsibilities and monotony.

Whether you go with the most common bucket list idea and make it a reality or brainstorm your own ideas based on your budget, preference and life style (that I teach in my book), don’t let your dreams gather dust – start ticking off your list today!

Here’s The Gist of Ideas Shared on This Show

Bucket lists are a great way to set goals, dream big, and make the most out of life. For people looking to add some excitement into their lives, creating a list can be a fun and fulfilling experience.

Research shows there are also health benefits to making travel plans. Destressing, giving yourself permission to reset, and even boosting your brain health can be perks.

No matter if you want to explore a travel to a tropical spot, a different town, or see different US states. If you Google “bucket list Colorado” to find fun things to do in Denver or Longmont, it’s all up to you,

When it comes to unique ideas, the possibilities are endless, there are so many ways to make your list truly unique and tailored to your interests.

If you’re looking for simple ideas that anyone can achieve, consider things like reading a certain number of books in a year. Also, try learning how to cook a new cuisine. Taking up meditation or yoga practice, or even starting a small garden at home. These simple yet meaningful activities can add joy and fulfillment to your everyday life.

Remember that your list is personal to you – it’s all about what brings you happiness and fulfillment. So go ahead, dream big, get creative with your ideas, and start checking off those items on your list one by one!

Here is episode one where I am a complete novice podcaster interviewing my husband (as if I don’t know him ;). He shares about where he grew up in Southern California and where he lives today in CT.

Here are some of his tips from the show:

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Today’s guest shares about his experiences living in Connecticut and California and highlights his favorite spots in both areas.


Get the gist of places to check out if you ever visit the Nutmeg State. Listen in about where to stop in New Haven, CT. this includes where to REALLY get New Haven style pizza. Plus, other spots to check out.

Southern California

Out guest shares a few places to visit in Southern, California. Also, check out these places to visit if your time is limited. He also tells you where NOT to bother going. I was super surprised at first!

Unique Bucket List Ideas

  • Listen in for some fun day trip ideas in Southern California to take a break from everyday life
  • Discover some of the best spots for pizza in Connecticut and it may not be what you think
  • How a big goal could have gone wrong

Simple Bucket List Ideas

The ideas don’t always have to be so grandiose or involved. Come up with some easy ones to do in your local area or at home.

  • Listen in to the speed round at the end. Hear about everyday favorites such as shows, movies, comedians and more.
  • Find out a simple hobby you can do in both CT and Southern California

This episode originally published in Nov of 2020.

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