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Headshot needed? How to Take Better Ones Like a Pro

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I’ll admit: I don’t take many selfies.

That could be a good thing since I don’t like how they come out.

Luckily, whenever I’ve needed a photo of myself for whatever reason, I’ve been able to come up with a decent one in a pinch.

I don’t recommend doing it this way.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some photography classes under my belt.

It’s come to the rescue more than once.


There have been times when I needed a headshot and I didn’t like any of the ones I currently had. I would then have someone take ones of me last minute. I would normally panic, scramble and pull the best clothes out of my closet in a tizzy.

After leaving my bedroom looking somewhat polished, I left behind a room that looked like the Tazmanian devil came to town. In an instant, it tornadoed my blouses, leggings and maxi dresses all over of the room.

I’d then fix my hair as best I could. The bathroom quickly turned into a cloud of hair spray, face powder and bronzer that filled the room. The counter of the sink, once a blank canvas, now sprinkled with different sized bobby pins, eyeliner shavings and random strands of hair. The spilled out contents of a formerly organized makeup bag now plagued the scene.

Somehow, I’d always manage to pull something together and take a decent photo of myself. Since I don’t like to function like this on a regular basis, I’ve learned to set aside time and be more proactive for this type of thing.

I’d rather take care of it before it becomes that urgent item that smacks your nicely planned to-do list upside the head and makes everything come to a screeching halt.

On that note, I share Save Money: 9 Tips for Better Headshots. This way, you can plan out when to take yours so you don’t have to function like a hot mess just to get a photo of yourself.

It’s the focus of my latest article on Due.com. I even spilled my coffee on TV to show you a lighting trick. You should read the post here or I spilled the coffee in vain.