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Food Budget Blues: Don't Be Up The Creek

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Are you up the creek without a paddle? Even the best planned budget goes a rye from time to time. Here’s how to squeeze some extra cash from your food budget to make up for it. So you are not further up the creek without a paddle.
1. Bust out the thermos. Save money on bottled water. A thermos is back in style. Not only is it a money saver. It’s a greener solution to getting liquids into your body when you have to bring your lunch from point a to point b. There are so many stylish ones on the market today. Get yourself one and start saving. I have the BPA free kind.
2. Shop in your freezer. Try to hold off on going to the grocery store by using what you already have. Otherwise known as staggering. Pull out any items that can be used for meals this week. Those lima beans never looked so good.
3. Shop in your own pantry. Here lies the muffin mix you never made, extra mac and cheese that you can always use and those 5 cans of corn that were on sale. Now is the time to use them.
4. Do half-zies. Yes, half-zies. Cut portions in half all week to stretch what you have. Okay. . I’m not suggesting you go hungry but I think if you cut your granola bar in half, your pretzel portion or any one item from your lunch, you can stretch your food which ultimately stretches your dollar and gets you through the week. I like Nature Valley Granola Bars. Amazon sometimes has them for 22 cents a bar if you buy them in bulk.
5. Make popcorn. When you have lemons, you make lemonade. Right? So when your wallet pops, make popcorn. It’s such an inexpensive snack. It’s just a treat that feels extra special and my family rarely gets tired of it. You spend the least amount of money if you buy the kernels and pop it yourself. I find it  fast to make and fun. Most brands are fine but I happen to favor Orville Redenbacher and Pop Secret. One cup popped is about 25 calories. Save your wallet and your waistline! Amazon sells them in bulk. Now get popping!
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