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3 Saving Hacks You Need to Cut Printing Costs

There are multiple ways to save money on everyday expenses. While certain strategies like couponing and purchasing items during a promotion are pretty commonly known and easy to implement, when it comes to saving money on more specific expenses like printing documents from your home or office for example, a little creativity may be necessary

How to Coupon in Minutes While Watching Television

Maybe you’ve tried to use a coupon or two in the past . . . But you’re not getting the savings you’d like. You may think you just don’t have enough time, but don’t get too upset. Devoting too much time to couponing may be working AGAINST you. There are 3 ways to coupon in

How to Coupon for Clothing Stores Using Google Calendar

This post may include affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. 8.31.14 I have a new efficient way to show you how to coupon . . . and actually use your coupons for clothing stores before they expire. More on that in a few. First, before doing so, I make sure to keep the coupons

8 Money Saving Tips for Wannabe Jedi Savers

Tell the truth. . . Are you secretly envious of extreme couponers? Or do you find yourself feeling agitated about the mere thought of looking for a bunch of coupons? It turns out that you don’t have to do what they do to get big savings on a regular basis. We tend to think that

How to Save Money on Car Repair

Read my disclosure policy here. For some people, cars are a passion. They prefer to drive wherever they’re going, they appreciate seeing nice models on the street and they probably might even be into automotive racing. However, for other people, cars aren’t something you think about until they refuse to start, begin to make a