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Today’s Podcast Guest

I’m happy to welcome Doug Nordman to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

You can also listen to my podcast on Apple Podcasts. My recent episode is a bucket list blueprint for fun things to do in Oahu, Island in Honolulu County, Hawaii. I’m also on Stitcher and many other platforms.

Doug Nordman of The Military Guide

Doug Nordman served for 20 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy’s submarine force and retired in 2002 at the age of 41. He and his spouse, a retired Navy Reservist, reached financial independence in 1999 on a high savings rate.  They’ve lived in Hawaii for over 30 years, and their daughter Carol was born & raised on Oahu.  These days Doug enjoys surfing, slow travel, writing, public speaking, reading, home improvement, personal-finance conferences, and more surfing.   

He’s the author of “The Military Guide To Financial Independence And Retirement” and founder of The-Military-Guide.com.  Carol and Doug are the authors of “Raising Your Money-Savvy Family For Next Generation Financial Independence”, published with ChooseFI Media.  He donates all of his writing and speaking revenue to military-friendly charities.  
Doug and his family have checked off a lot of bucket list items over the decades… and now he’s leveling up to grandparenting.”

  • Website: Check out this post with lessons from over a decade of slow travel at The Military Guide.

What You’ll Learn

  • Find fun things to do in O’ahu and Honolulu and what you should not miss on the island based on your interests, including the best outdoor activities
  • Depending on how long you can get away, find out how many days he recommends staying, if possible since there are so many fun things to do in Oahu and neighboring areas and islands.
  • Discover what there is to do today on O’ahu
  • Some “secret” things to do in O’ahu that most people might not know about
  • Hear about other countries Doug has visited such as Spain, including a town that’s great for slow travel and a good location to take day trips from
  • His unique approach to travel

Resources for Fun Things to Do in Oahu

  • Doug mentioned the All Trails app. Whether you’re hoping to hike, camp or explore nature, there’s also a website to look for trails in Hawaii at AllTrails.com
  • Oahu Island Hotels, Honolulu County, Hawaii Find places to stay, including Waikiki here.
  • Take a peek at Hawaii Hotels in Honolulu here.

Some of Doug’s Everyday Favorites

  • Hobbies – Try out a new outdoor hobby such as surfing or find hobbies to do at home like home improvement.

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