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Hobbies for Men & Women to Do at Home with Video Tutorials

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Discovering hobbies for men and women to do at home is a popular topic. If you’re spending more time inside your house for any number of reasons and you’re looking to explore new hobbies and interests, then the search engine gods brought you to the right place.

If you often ask yourself: “What are some unique hobbies?”,”How do I find a hobby that I love?” or “How do I find a good hobby for myself?”, then keep reading.

I put together a list of indoor hobbies you can try today.

1. Dancing can be one of the best indoor hobbies to try

If you’re a Dancing With The Stars fan and you’re having withdrawals from not being able to watch new episodes, perhaps you can take things into your own hands. Try to learn some of the ballroom dance steps at home. 

Though you probably won’t be able to dance like Derek Huff, you might be able to learn it well enough to dance at a wedding in the future or get some moves down at home just for fun. Find the easiest ballroom dances to learn. Some have fewer steps than others so research the simplest way to start. 

Maybe you begin with The Paso Doble, The Waltz or The Cha Cha. Check out beginner video tutorials that break down the steps and practice little by little. Depending on how it goes, it can be a one time bucket list idea to check off you’re never ending list or an ongoing hobby that you can enjoy for the long term.

2. This exercise is an efficient hobby for people

If dance isn’t your thing, but you’re hoping to squeeze in some exercise, think about jumping rope. It may have been something you opted to do as a kid on the playground or in gym class, but practicing it as an adult can be a simple way to incorporate cardio without having to be overly coordinated.

According to MuscleandFitness.com, “Jumping rope is one of the most efficient ways to develop cardiovascular fitness because it is a total-body exercise. In fact, 10 minutes of jump rope provides the same cardiovascular benefits as 30 minutes of jogging.”

Since I quit the gym, I found it hard to get in the same amount of cardio. I took for granted how much a treadmill or elliptical machine kept me in shape.

My husband is very knowledgeable about exercise and suggested I try jumping rope. I took a few sessions to get a groove and to reestablish a rhythm. Though jumping rope is pretty straight forward, look for video tutorials for inspiration and guidance.

You don’t need a home gym or a dedicated space to do this. As long as the rope doesn’t hit the ceiling or anything else in the room, you should be fine. You might have to move a few things around you.

If you’re like me and you like to follow along with a video, here’s a ten minute one for beginners. He explains technique, talks you through it and there’s a timer to keep you on track.

He also incorporates jumping jacks and other exercises. I’m sure you can walk in place or substitute another exercise if that’s too challenging.

Always check with a doctor or fitness professional to find out if this is appropriate for you.

I like this form of exercise because you can do this almost anywhere. It’s great for indoors and outdoors. It’s also portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go. It can be one of the best exercise hobbies to do in an apartment or any living space really.

3. Making fancy coffee can be a fun hobby to try at home alone or with others

I discussed making DIY coffee presents and roasting your own coffee in previous posts, but I didn’t cover how to make fancy coffee at home. Many people have coffee makers and that can be a more cost effective solution for your java habit.

However, if you were hoping to learn how to make coffee like a barista, here are a few tips I learned from the interwebs. I found this video for how to make a latte without having to purchase a machine.

According to this video, for a small investment, all you’ll need is a french press, dessert spoon, kettle and a bag of coffee and some milk.

4. Learn about your ancestry

Lizzo sang a song a year or so ago about getting a DNA test. If you want to learn more about your heritage, consider doing the same and get a genetic testing kit.

Once you order the kit, send your saliva sample to their cutting edge lab and wait 6-8 weeks for the online results. It promises is to provide a “more precise ethnicity estimate with greater geographic detail and in-depth historical insights and connects you to the places in the world where your story started—from unique regions to living relatives.” How special!

While you’re waiting, think about ordering a simple tree chart. Jot down the relatives that you do know and create your own family tree. Keep it in a frame, scrapbook or transfer it onto a t-shirt for your next family reunion.

5. Add games to play over Zoom to your bucket list of hobbies to try

Virtual games have grown in popularity. It’s easier to stay connected and entertained on your schedule. There are many ways to take turns with friends or play by yourself when you have time.

No matter how many people play, you can challenge yourself to improve. Also, think about getting physical games that you can play in-person and over Zoom too. Find in-person games to play on Zoom with co-workers or far away friends and family such as Pictionary or Scattegories.

Conclusion for Indoor Hobbies to Do at Home

Although there are many indoor hobbies for men and women, these five are simple to do at home. I believe a list of hobbies to try should be easily accessible. Also, even if you don’t stick with them, they can be some of the most simple bucket list ideas to try. And, if you didn’t write that down in advance and add it afterwards, I won’t tell.

Now I’ll ask you:

What are some hobbies for men and women to do at home? 

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