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Prepare Healthy Lunch Snacks & Discover a Guilt Free Dessert Book

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You bought your healthy produce, and now you want to make sure you eat everything before it goes bad.

To do that, you know some prep and planning is involved.

Countless blogs will give you recipes with too many ingredients for one meal.

You’ll end up throwing away a bunch of herbs and other items because you may not have enough time during the week to come up with another recipe that has that particular ingredient.

I’ll be straight with you, some of the advice ends up being WORTHLESS because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Not to mention you’re wasting food and money.

Here are 3 easy steps to make healthy lunches including guilt free desserts.

Don’t miss out on the potential savings and benefits that come with healthy eating.

How to Make Healthy Lunches Using the Stop, Shop, and Chop Strategy™

If you could see my refrigerator, you’d know that I have several plastic containers holding my chopped produce.

I make sure to plan out my lunch including what snacks I will have for the week. Once I come home these are the three simple steps I use with my shop and chop strategy to get everything ready quickly.


Step 1 – Stop and Look for Staples

I make sure to buy items that go with the veggies I choose for lunch. I try to pair it with basic staples that are commonly used. This way I’m not buying anything exotic that I won’t eat with other meals during the week. If  I buy celery, one day I may have it with peanut butter. On another day I’ll add some ranch dressing, cottage cheese, or hummus.


Step 2 – Clean

I like to clean veggies and certain fruits I will use for the week as soon as I get home from the store. It takes less time and I find I can get out of the house easier when I prepare lunches this way. I don’t want to rinse off a celery stalk every morning, then dry it, cut it, then pack it. I rather just do it once and get it out of the way.

Half the time I’m just forcing myself to eat veggies.  If it feels like too much work every day to prepare them (just being honest), I know they’ll end up rotting in the black hole of wasted produce a.k.a the veggie drawer of the fridge which inevitably winds up in the garbage.


Step 3 – Chop

I chop the veggies that are easiest to prepare and eat for lunch. Celery can be your best friend when it comes to meal planing your lunches for the week. Once I cut it up and put it in a container, it’s easy to grab. Put all of your chopped produce in containers. It will be readily accessible when you go to make your lunch.


No matter what I pack, I always try to make room for dessert. Some days I’ll bring a little bit of dark chocolate. When I have time, I like to make dessert on the weekend. I know you must be thinking,” I thought this post was about healthy lunches.” Well it is. I discovered guilt free dessert book that keep my sweet tooth happy. Carrot cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies anyone? (I need some incentive to keep eating the celery. ) ; )

Download my Healthy Lunch Planner  for free to plot out what you will snack on for the week.


I show an example here.

The Bottom Line

Bringing healthy snacks for lunch can be easy. Plot out what snacks you want to bring for the week on the healthy snack planner. A little bit of time planning and preparation for the week can save you time and money.

“I like your blog. I especially like this latest one on how you use your receipt on your fridge. Brilliant!”-Sylvia Martinez of SMartinez Media, former Editor-in-Chief at Latina Magazine

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