I help successful entrepreneurs like you who are passionate about what you do boost your visibility through content marketing, podcast booking, and one-on-one coaching.

Are you a small business owner or podcaster working on a side hustle while holding a full-time job?

Or maybe you’re an online entrepreneur building your fan base?

You’d love to build more relationships or gain media experience, but you aren’t ready for TV or radio. Podcasts will help you do both. They’re a powerful way to hone your speaking skills, connect with people in your industry, and grow your audience.

That’s why you want to land more podcast interviews. But you only have a few hours per month to devote to interviews in addition to serving your business’ clients, growing your audience, or recording your own podcasts.

You don’t have time to hunt down the podcast host’s contact info, write the perfect pitch… or even research which podcast is perfect for your small business.

Partner up with me to land interviews on your favorite podcasts that will pull 10x their weight in growing your business. I research and pitch podcasts to land you interviews on the best ones in your industry.



“Karen was instrumental in making my latest book a bestseller. She helped me make countless connections and landed me priceless press. Karen will not only be your biggest fan. She’s your #1 advocate and will work hard on your behalf to ensure your book gets the attention and praise it deserves.”

— Farnoosh Torabi, Today Show Personal Finance Expert, Author, TV Contributor

This doesn’t mean I’m signing up to be your personal assistant or secretary. You’re the best authority on what your calendar holds. And I’m an expert on connecting you with amazing podcasts to expand your reach and business growth.

Unlike other PR providers, booking podcast interviews is my only media service. You’ll get a customized package with only the features you want, so you’re not paying more for useless tacked-on extras that you’ll never use.


“I’ve been looking for new ways to promote myself as an industry expert and thought getting interviewed on podcasts would be a smart idea. However, I didn’t know where to start. Within a day of working with Karen, I got booked to be on a really popular show that catered to my industry. Karen not only booked it, but she kept in contact with me and the interviewee to make sure everything was running smoothly. She followed up with me, and also helped when I had technical issues. You’ll thank Karen for all her hard work and dedication as much as I did.”

—Matt Giovanisci, Listen Money Matters podcaster, Founder of Roasty Coffee. Swim University, MattGiovanisci.com.

My specialty is booking you for interviews on the best podcasts for your business. Unlike big PR firms, you get my complete attention. I’m 100% invested in your success because your success is my success.