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Home Maintenance Challenge Week 4: Organize Inside & Complete an Outdoor Project

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Are you looking to get a handle on your home maintenance on the inside and outside?

Well, you’re in the right place.

I started a home maintenance challenge.

Each week I will provide sample tasks to work on.

I will base our challenge on checklists and recommendations from websites that showcase experts.

Many people find it hard to keep up with their house projects and general maintenance for their home.

It is VITAL to maintaining your property value, sanity, and sense of order. It also helps to potentially avoid bigger problems down the road.

Each week I’m challenging readers to take better care of their homes inside and out.

Whether you are working on a large ongoing project, simply completing small tasks around the house, or just looking to inspect your home. . .post comments, blog posts, and updates here.

Are you up for the challenge?

Link your post in the comments below. Also feel free to show pictures on Twitter. Tweet me at @msenthusiast and use hashtag

#home to share your photos, updates, and blog posts. If you’d like to join a special Pinterest board, the challenge will be posted there as well as progress and other home-related posts. Just email me at info at MoneySavingEnthusiast dot com if you’d like join.

Challenge 4 : Do something to give your home curb appeal. Make sure your goal is attainable and measurable.

For this week:

AttemptĀ  declutter the inside of our house. There are forms of clutter outside too. Weeds clutter up your garden, grass, etc.

    • Inside– Pick an area inside your home and organize it to completion. It can be a pantry, spare room, craft area, office, bathroom, etc. Here are sample ideas from Alejandra on HGTV.

  • Outside– Pick one project and finish to completion. Maybe it’s something as simple as getting a new mailbox, putting mulch down or fixing a rain gutter.

I adapted these ideas from the CNN Money’s Home Calendar for June.

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