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A Thanksgiving Gift You Can Give as a Christmas Gift Too

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The benefits of DIY projects are clear:
1. They add personal a personal touch.
2. They are a labor of love.
3. They can save you money.
The question remains. . how can I make an inexpensive coasters when entertaining or to give as a thoughtful gift?

If you need a nice hostess gift, a little something extra, consider making these coasters that you can pair with a mug and a beverage as a gift. This could come in handy if you need an extra gift in a pinch.

Here’s a tutorial for making DIY chalkboard coasters:


Wooden Plaques
Chalkboard Spray Paint
Permanent Marker
Felt or Cork
Purchase plaques from a local craft store. I bought these at Michael’s Craft Store. Check your local craft store if Michael’s isn’t in your area.
They came in a pack marked “Bundle of Plaques”.
They cost $4.99. There are 25 plaques in 5 different shapes.


I thought they would make excellent coasters.


I sprayed them and let them dry. I didn’t fuss over spraying the edges.


I just colored that part in with a black permanent marker after the spray paint dried.


I used them back in November but these can be used for any occasion. I think they make a great hostess gift.


This was my request at Thanksgiving.

Cut out felt or cork to put along the bottom. Use the coaster to trace the shape. Cut it out and then adhere underneath.

This will be my Christmas request. ; )

Use these year round and write whatever festive message fits the season.


I tried them out with my Tweet, Pray, Love mug while serving dessert and warm drinks. they were a hit at Thanksgiving. so I’m going to make more and give them with the mug and a refreshing beverage.

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