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How to Save Money on Low Calorie Meals for a Hectic Work Week

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This post may include affiliate links. Just letting you know. Read my disclosure policy here.


I’m turning myself in.

We all have to make quick stops at restaurants at times whether we want to or not.

Sometimes that’s just how are schedules work. . .

. . .some unexpected occurrence throws a monkey wrench into our weekly schedule and we find ourselves pulling up to the closest drive thru.

We may think, “Huh, never again.”

Don’t beat yourself up too much.

It happens.

Expect meal plan hiccups to occur so you can have a plan of attack and protect your wallet.

Get 3 Tips on How to Save Money and Eat Low Calorie Meals While Turning the Tables on Deceptive Advertising

1. Come equipped.

Make room for this in your budget and bring along a list of acceptable food options from places you frequent. Dr. Oz has a free printable of low calorie meals here. Anticipate how much you will spend to stay on track. If you have little ones, set a dollar amount or number of items they can buy from the list. Make sure you bring a thermos or a some sort of travel mug so you don’t spend any of your money on beverages. That can cut back on the expense of eating out.

It’s meant to hang in the car. The FREE PDF will have a cut out in a hook shape so you can hang it in your car. I just cut it off so I could stick this in my glove compartment. Hopefully, you’ll have more color ink left in your printer than me. ; )

2.Get a Meal Plan Forecast.

Check you calendar and take a look at your week before you head to the grocery store. This way you won’t buy too many fresh items that may spoil if you know you have a hectic week ahead of you. I stock up on healthy, ready-made meals from the grocery store that I can just throw in the microwave quickly before I head back out.


3. Eat out the smart way.

Everything looks tasty and may appear healthy at a restaurant but some items are packed with butter and oil. Reclaim your right to eat out and cut through deceptive adverting tactics by getting the Eat This, Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide.  Discovering rules to navigate the menus to figure out low calorie food options.

Packed with restaurant report cards of popular burger joints, pizza places, diners, eateries, and more, this book helps you decode lingo on the menu so you can make better choices when ordering. Reclaim control and put yourself back in the driver’s seat while at the drive thru. When you have more time, there’s a section that helps you save money and calories by learning to make some of these recipes at home too. Learn how to get a health breakthrough at the drive thru.


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