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Quick Ways to Save More While Holiday Shopping

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money-saving-tipsMaybe you picked up a holiday gift or two, but you know you could do a little better with getting a great deal or spending less in general.

You might think you straight up stink at the whole thing.

Don’t give up yet.

Working too hard at it might be to BLAME.

Here are three tips that can generate some savings with little effort.

Don’t miss the savings you deserve.

How to Turn Your Smart Phone into Deal Seeking Detective

Okay. I’m a little obsessed with these types of tips. Most people might not have time to be up on the latest app or tech tip especially with the craziness of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and the rest of the shopping season. Let these get you up to speed on how to save more this deason. Here’s exactly what smart shoppers do to spend less:



1. Go off the beaten coupon path.
Check out sites like CouponPal.com and deal news to find the latest promotions. I caught up with Charlie Cohn from CouponPal.com to get his holiday shopping insights. He recommends not restricting yourself to only using deal-hunting or coupon sites.

He points out that you can find a discount without leaving the cart by asking for one using live-chat, looking for offers on the store page, and by shopping the sales sections as other deal seeking alternatives. Cohn also recommends determining what you want first and suggests finding the stores that sell the items on your list and making sure they fit your budget. You’ll be better prepared when the time comes to spend. You can also discover the most underutilized coupon that got me roughly 50% off.
2. Raise your expectations to spend less.

Whether you choose to be naughty or nice while spending is clearly up to you but cost cutting has just gotten easier with the release of the Raise app. It stems from the original Raise.com website which has been touted, “The Stub Hub of Gift Cards”.

This app allows you to purchase discounted gift cards in advance. You can expect to spend less at over 3000 stores. Check to see if the store you’re headed to has gift cards available. If you happen to go into a store you weren’t anticipating shopping in, it can serve as your on demand ticket to discounts for those times when you want to be a little more spontaneous or you hit a snag in your original shopping plans.

You can now raise your expectations to spend less and unlike purchasing other gift cards at a discount, the card is nets fly accessible after purchase.


3. Be a star.
No matter the holiday, I always end up at the grocery store for something. Lauren Greutman of Iamthatlady.com is a fan of Saving Star. It’s a cash back program you can use in conjunction with couponing. You can go online through your computer or use their app. She explains, “I love it because I can go in once a month and save the offers on my phone. Then when I scan my grocery card at the register, I am getting money back without doing a thing.” Greutman also points out that it’s perfect for casual couponers or people who don’t have time to coupon.

The Bottom Line
Saving money doesn’t have to take a great deal of time and effort. Use the tips mentioned to cut costs before checking out. You’ll keep more money in your wallet and get every item on your list.


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