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Motivation Time Tuesday: Goal Setting the Right Way Part II

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motivational-quotes-inspiring-quotesAnswer these questions QUICKLY:

Does your goal have a finish line?

Is it quantifiable?

Or better yet, if someone were to ask you if you accomplished your goal, can you answer with a simple yes or no?

I’m guessing no, and that’s a major issue. There’s an easy way to fix this.

You need a clear point of success!

The Finish Line Method of Goal Setting

Have you seen certain people reach their goals time after time? It’s borderline annoying. If yes, it’s probably because their goals were specific and easy to measure. If your goal looks like this, it needs improvement:


This goal leaves you with more questions than answers. It’s too vague.

Here’s how to fix it.

Stephen Covey said it best:

Start with the end in mind.

All of the visuals are screenshots of this video here.


You have to ask yourself where the finish line is.


Here are three questions to ask yourself to determine if your goal is measurable:

  • Can I answer if I have achieved the goal with a yes or no?
  • Can I answer if I achieved it by stating  true or false.
  • Is it quantifiable? Will I be able to produce a number to prove that I achieved my goal?

If you answer yes to one of these questions after writing your goal, you’re on your way.

Think about it. . .

How do you even know how to proceed if you don’t know what you are shooting for?

Define what the end looks like, that is the Finish Line Method. It’s kind of  like programming a GPS without knowing where the end point is. Maybe you just enter the name of the street or a landmark near the place that you want to go to but you don’t really enter the actual address. How do you expect to get there? Sounds a little crazy. Well, it’s the same approach with writing and measuring  your goals.

Here’s a way to rewrite that goal to make it measurable.


How AWESOME is that?

If you missed it, here’s part one:
Goal Setting the Right Way it includes a simple goal writing template free of charge.

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