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Cash Gift: 3 Unique Ways to Give Money as a Gift

A cash gift is always appreciated. Right? I stumbled upon a post regarding a money notepad. At first, I thought this might be a post about budgeting, capturing what you spend in a spiral bound notebook or something along those lines. Was it a sign that I should scrap all of the money apps from

Holiday Shopping: 8 Tips to Spend Less and Reduce Stress

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. About 41% of millennials are chronically stressed about money, according to the better money habits millennial report from Bank of America/USA today. The stress can be exasperated during the holiday season. No matter the generation, many people feel anxious this time of year because of money issues. Here are some

3 Easy Ways to Track Your Spending and Budget Better

Figuring out how to budget on your own can sometimes be a little aggravating or discouraging. If you don’t have a lot of experience with apps or spreadsheets, or even just balancing your checking and spending – it can feel like you’re trying to teach an unruly dog to walk nicely on a leash. If you’re

3 Saving Hacks You Need to Cut Printing Costs

There are multiple ways to save money on everyday expenses. While certain strategies like couponing and purchasing items during a promotion are pretty commonly known and easy to implement, when it comes to saving money on more specific expenses like printing documents from your home or office for example, a little creativity may be necessary

5 Stress-Free Holiday Shopping Tips to Spend Less

The holidays are almost here. Writing down who to shop for and what to get now can potentially keep more money in your wallet. You can even stay within budget, avoid a debt hangover and get a wonderful gift for everyone on your list using the following tips.

3 Steps to Prioritize and Set Money Goals

Like most people, you probably know you need to put more money aside for financial goals but haven’t quite done it yet. If you want to follow a simple process for identifying what’s important to you and then start putting money away to reach the goals, then these tips are for you.