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A Guide to Self-Care Activities and Tips for Home 

You might have heard of self-care activities.

No eye rolls, please.

Or, maybe you like the whole concept in theory . . .

but you just sigh because you can’t figure out how to make time for one more thing given all of your current commitments.

How to Make a Daily Routine That Works

I don’t think productivity planners with daily routines were a thing when I was growing up. As a child, I was messy. I would complete my homework, but managed to lose it quite frequently. It wouldn’t always make it to school. My mom made me put it in a set spot on my desk when

Recipe Bucket List: Fun Things to Do at Home

When you have to stay home for whatever reason, it’s easy to start channel surfing or stay glued to your Snapchat feed. Maybe you try to catch up with a book you started reading or complete a puzzle you never finished, but let’s be real, that can be a little dull. Good news! If you

Best Creative Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Does this happen to you? When the weekend rolls around or time off work hits and you didn’t make a plan, you can’t come up with something fun to do. Maybe you turn to the search engines last minute, but you still can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps, you’re even in a little rut.

How to Make a Digital Vision Board

In one of my last posts about how to achieve bucket list goals using a vision board, I explain what a vision board is, how it works and give vision board examples. I also briefly explain how to make a physical board or a vision board online. If you’re looking to make a digital vision

How to Achieve Bucket List Goals Using a Vision Board

Creating a vision board for your bucket list goals can be both exciting and daunting. If you tend to avoid making one because you don’t want to let yourself down by not accomplish the ideas, allow this post to give you another chance to focus on accomplishing realistic, tangible ideas both big and small. What

How to Handle Unexpected Expenses to Work on Bucket List Goals

If we could push the easy button and just take off to complete any bucket list item whenever we felt like it, everyone would have their dream lists completed and I would just shut down this here blog right now!  Sometimes bucket list items don’t get checked off because midway through we decide that something

How to Make a Realistic Bucket List & Get Ideas for 2020 (Free Printable)

Bucket lists are all the rage. Celebrity Will Smith has a show on Facebook devoted to his adventures globe trotting around the world and trying daredevil-like activities. He jumped out of a helicopter that was flying over the Grand Canyon for his 50th birthday. If you’re wondering what this is all about, why it’s important

Why You Should Journal After Completing Your Dream List Ideas

Journal writing has gained popularity. The good news is anyone can journal. It’s easy and inexpensive, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. People have been journaling for years. Though some people journal for therapeutic reasons, today, it is commonly used for capturing memories or anything you want to remember in written

The Maple Money [Podcast]: Karen Re-brands Bucket Listing

This is a podcast interview I did with the host over at The Maple Money Show out of Canada. I talk with the host Tom Drake and spill the beans about my broader definition of bucket listing. I also discuss: What a bucket list is and how I give it a re-brand to bring more