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Today’s Podcast Guest

I’m excited to welcome Elle Martinez to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

Raleigh North Carolina Restaurants Elle Martinez
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Elle Martinez of the Couple Money Website and Money Podcast

Elle Martinez helps families at Couple Money achieve financial freedom by sharing tips to reduce debt, increase income and build their net worth. She lives happily in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and their two daughters. She is an author of Jumpstart Your Money and Marriage, podcast host and writer featured in Mint.com, Money, Turbo Tax, Buzzfeed and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • What food Raleigh, North Carolina is known for (and the area itself)
  • Discover some of the best Raleigh, NC restaurants including downtown restaurants, fun places to eat in other areas and some of the best kept secret restaurants
  • Is there anything to do in Raleigh, North Carolina? If this something you often wonder, luckily, Elle Martinez highlights an extensive list of things to do.
  • How do I spend a day in Raleigh? Fortunately, she gives ideas for fun things to do for adults and also gives ideas for kids
  • Then you’ll hear about her future bucket list ideas that she can hopefully accomplish

Resources for Some of Raleigh North Carolina Restaurants Mentioned and More

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Some of Elle’s Everyday Favorites

  • Biking – Try this cost effective hobby. Figure out how to calculate whether or not it’s a smart invest. Also, get ideas for other cool hobbies.

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