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Recipe Bucket List: Fun Things to Do at Home

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When you have to stay home for whatever reason, it’s easy to start channel surfing or stay glued to your Snapchat feed.

Maybe you try to catch up with a book you started reading or complete a puzzle you never finished, but let’s be real, that can be a little dull.

Good news! If you like to spend time in the kitchen, here’s a menu of easy recipe ideas to choose from.

Add them to your recipe bucket list and start checking away!

Here are 5 Easy Bucket List Recipes

Recipe Bucket List Item 1 – Chocolate-covered Pretzels

Have you ever seen chocolate-covered pretzels at the store and wondered why you don’t make these at home? Well, now’s the time to test-drive the idea. Make a simple snack sweeter by dipping it in chocolate.

Pretzels seem so ordinary alone. When combined with chocolate, they become a more impressive treat. With only 2 ingredients, this is incredibly simple to make.

No matter which snack you choose, dip part of each piece in melted semi-sweet chocolate or dunk it the whole way through. Then lay it on a baking sheet or tray lined with parchment paper. Let them air dry or pop them in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.


Whether you’re practicing alone or including the people you live with, sampling the treats is part of the fun. Be your own taste tester and try it out before you actually have to bring it to a special event.

Chocolate dipped pretzels can be brought to almost any occasion throughout the year. With such a wide array of chocolate colors to match the season, holiday or any day, this can be your go-to dessert. Learn how to make chocolate dipped pretzels here by Damenica J.

Recipe Bucket List Item 2: Chocolate-covered Popcorn

You say kernel. I say chocolate. Kernel! Chocolate! Kernel! Chocolate!

Chocolate-covered popcorn is another crowd pleaser. It’s a tasty treat that you can have almost any time of year. Whether you pop the kernels on the stove or in a microwave, make it easy on yourself.

Learn how to drizzle on the chocolate like a pro and gain popularity at any gathering. Take a peek at this crazy popcorn mix from the Food Network.

Recipe Bucket List Item 3: Easy Pancake Recipes

Most people like pancakes. You can even make gluten-free ones. To ramp up the fun factor, make different shapes, letters or critters out of them.

Whether you have kids or you’re just a kid at heart, anything with a bunny butt on it is super trendy. Form regular batter into a rabbit’s backside or make carrot cake pancakes.

Either way, show Peter’s cotton tail to make your morning special. This tasty breakfast is sure to be a hit. Also, consider putting the batter in a squeeze bottle and design away.


If you’re afraid to “free-hand” it, follow this tutorial for making different pancake shapes.

If you still think you need more guidance, cookie cutters don’t have to be used just for cookies. They can also help control what shape the pancakes take on. Be sure you get the ones suitable for the pan.

Recipe Bucket List Item 4: Fruit Salad or Platter

Continue to think outside the cookie jar! Use the cookie cutters for making special designs when chopping up fruit such as pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe.

It can make a fruit platter more fancy and festive. The fruit cut-outs can even be turned into fruit kebabs or a fruit bouquet.


Recipe Bucket List Item 5: Charcuterie Board

Feeding an army or are you just having a few friends over? Put together an impressive charcuterie board, and you’ll be good to go when people show up.

Though my last post was about bucket list ideas for couples, the ideas can work for anyone really. I included a charcuterie board idea and how to make a charcuterie board. Read about that and other creative bucket list ideas here.

The idea bears repeating because a charcuterie board makes it super easy to let guests help themselves while others arrive. They’re a must-have for any gathering.

Self-proclaimed foodie and Social Media Specialist for Experian, Sarah Lai visited Sprouts in Huntington Beach, CA to create this platter. It’s full of brie, pesto gouda, coffee cheddar, Iberico cheeses and cured meats. Serve with crackers and brushettini.

She spent roughly $50 and could make at least three full platters from her purchase with leftovers to spare. Lai explains,”Technically, it comes out to be about $17 per platter, which serves up to 4-6 people.” She goes on to say that she tried her best to select items that were on sale.  Making this a fun and affordable option.

cheese board

This Food Network post shows a checklist that also includes something sweet, something pickled and something that adds texture. Get a cutting board and start assembling one with some rhyme and reason. Part of the fun is making everything visually interesting.


So there it is – 5 easy, bucket list recipes to tantalize your taste buds and elevate something ordinary to extraordinary. Turn your attention toward making simple bucket list recipes you’ve never tried before. Invest in a bucket list printable to jot your ideas down. You’ll be sure to impress your guests or maybe just yourself. {{Fist bump}}

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