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Save Money with Pinterest: 7 Tips to Hold on to Your Benjamins

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People will start to say:

“How creative.”

“How do you get the best deals?” or

“It must have cost a fortune?”

It’s simple.

When you know what goes on inside the boards of Pinterest, it’s easy.

The question is how can you get in on some of the inside saving secrets with Pinterest.

According to Comscore, Pinterest made the list of  top U.S.  50 Web Properties for the month of September. Pinterest continues to rise in the social media space, pulling in 25.3 million visitors a month.

The social media bulletin board has users pinning their hearts out for what I call “virtual window shopping” inspiration. Boards abound with fantasy vacations, celebrity photos, cute animal pictures, quotes, and more.

Outside of socializing and fantasizing, Pinterest can be used for practical reasons like saving money.

Here’s how I save a bundle of money on Pinterest.

How to Save Money with Pinterest and Seamlessly Save

1. How to Save Money with Pinterest: Meal Planning 101

2. Save Money with Pinterest: Quilling, Crunchy Coated Chocolate Truffles and More

3. How Pinterest Helps You Spend Less and Enjoy More

4. Comparison Shopping: How to Save Money with Pinterest

5. Save Money with Pinterest: Coupon Network, Money Saving Recipes & More

6. Save Money on Cleaning Products, Remodeling and More (Kiplinger)

7. Don’t Waste Money on the Wrong Gift: Get Ideas From Pinterest 


You now have 7 tips you can do RIGHT NOW!

Let’s have a little fun.

Do you plan on using these ideas?

Leave a comment and explain how.


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