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Valentine’s Day Gift Cards That Will Save You Money

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By Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend at GiftCards.com

When it comes to shopping for presents, I’m a classic over-spender.

Though I often have a budget in mind, I sometimes spend more than planned.

 I either can’t find something within my price range (so I bump up the limit to allow for more choices)

or I find the absolute BEST gift and buy it despite the price being more than I can afford.

It’s a problem.

But with gift cards, I decide how much to spend and I stay within that budget every time. Lest you think gift cards are impersonal or much too plastic to woo your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, I’ll share four ways Valentine’s Day gift cards can be absolutely romantic and still save you money.

1. DIY Gift Card Holders

As much as I love the practicality and convenience of gift cards, I recommend pairing a gift card with a homemade or inexpensive gift to make the finished present just as romantic as a teddy bear or heart-shaped box of chocolates. For example, tuck a Valentine’s Day gift card into a box of conversation hearts or deliver a jewelry store gift card with a candy necklace. Turn a paperclip into a heart and use it to attach a gift card to new journal with a list of “20 things I love about you” written on the first page.

2. Personalized Visa Gift Cards

Rather than buy a store or restaurant gift card, make your own Valentine’s Day gift card using a personal photo. Upload an image of the two of you together and write “Be My Valentine” on the card’s embossed message line. Select the standard gift card carrier to get free delivery. When the card arrives, place it into a homemade Valentine made out of classing construction paper, doilies, and markers.

3. Discount Gift Cards

A great way to save on traditional presents is to buy them using discount gift cards. Before you head to the store, visit a gift card reseller to buy gift cards that are selling for less than face value. You can save anywhere from a couple of dollars to double-digit percentages. To maximize your savings, be flexible in where you shop. If you’re looking for craft supplies to make a Valentine, for example, check which craft store gift cards are selling for less and buy one of those. Of course, you can also give the discount gift card to your sweetheart or use a discount restaurant gift card to pay for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

4. Gift Card Promotions

During major holidays, stores and restaurants typically advertise gift card deals such as “buy a $100 gift card to give and receive a free $20 gift card to keep” or “spend $50 in the store and receive a $10 gift card for free.” Look for promotional gift cards at the places you’re likely to shop or dine at for Valentine’s Day. You can either give the gift card to your sweetheart as the present or use it to shop for a traditional gift—staying within the gift card limit, of course. Keep in mind, some promotional gift cards have expiration dates so you’ll want to be carefully read the terms and conditions so you can use the card before time runs out.


With so many gift cards to choose from these days, you should have no trouble finding one that fits your budget. Decide how much to spend ahead of time and place that value on the gift card. If you save a little extra with a discount gift card or by taking advantage of a gift card promotion, then use the savings to buy a little something extra to make the delivery more personal. It’s the perfect way to put a romantic spin on such a practical present.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Gift Carding!

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